colours for winter

Colors for winter 2008

When Anu Tuominen begins work on a piece, she is genuinely naive, looking at the world in childlike amazement. She innocently asks all imaginable questions, and their corollaries, boldly posing even stupid ones. But looking at the finished works the viewer does not see a naivist but an innovative and mature grammatologist. Anu Tuominen is also a humorist, but she does not tell jokes. A told joke is deflated, as often happens to initially incomprehensible art once it is understood. Tuominen’s works are not deflated. Inexorably, time and again, she demonstrates how things small are beautiful and large – but above all joyous and fun. Her works present us with a world, our own world, the past world of our grandparents, and the future world of our children, viewed slightly beneath the surface. Tuominen is an archaeologist of knowledge, and a gardener of the image, scraping into view the small roots that often make two plants one. And although post-modernism has taught us that everything has already been done, something completely new is sometimes still created. Anu Tuominen has done that. She developed the poetics of thegrammatology of the everyday.

Otso Kantokorpi, 2001 about Anu Tuominen